Friday Giveaway! A little tile to make you smile

Designs by Appletree delights in keeping people on their proverbial toes. Using reclaimed Scrabble tiles and sealed with acrylic, a sense of humor and a flair for fun, designs run as wild only as Kimberly’s imagination (or yours, since she can custom-design a tile just for you).

Designed exclusively for my readers, Kimberly, owner of Designs, has branched out her selection to include low-carb offerings with bite and a smile.

She is also graciously offering 5 pendants to readers.

Says Kimberly, “This pendant is made from a reclaimed Scrabble tile and a graphic image. Scrabble Pendants are approximately .75″ square (1.905) and hang from a sterling silver bail. The bail has a 6mm opening to accommodate your favorite cord or necklace.

This listing is for the pendant only, but I have Silk Cord, Organza Ribbon, and Ball Chain Necklaces available in my shop.

The pendant is sealed with a non-toxic acrylic that gives the pendant a brilliant shine. The pendant is not waterproof, so you should remove it before bathing. All metal components are sterling silver or sterling plate.”

Would you like to win one? Just email me at CONTEST ENDED with the title “Tile Smile Giveaway”, and your home address. Next Friday, I will pick 5 winners. You have your choice of tile from any in her shop (predesigned. No customs here, please), but come on: Who doesn’t want to save a hamster?

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  1. Amy C Evans says

    these are hi-larious! i just found your blog a few days ago and, i have to tell you, i made your cauliflower crust pizza last night, and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! i felt like i was cheating! and it was so dang easy! thanks for your awesome recipes and great sense of humor. cheers from mississippi, amy

  2. Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) says

    Poor Hamsters!!! I. Must. Help.

  3. So, I entered the contest, but I think I might have to buy one (or more) if I don’t win, or I may have to buy extras anyway!

    I just looked completely through her etsy shop, though, and the low-carb ones aren’t in there. Am I just too antsy and checking too early? Or is there another way we have to go about ordering them?

  4. cleochatra says

    Hi, tracey!

    The tiles are brand new and were designed just for us a couple of days ago! The hamster tile was my idea.

    There are a few others she should have up on her site eventually. They were so new, I uploaded from her album to post the column in a timely manner.

    You buy nothing to win a tile. Simply enter, I will draw 5 names next Friday who win, you choose your tile, and it will be mailed to you.

    amy– I am so glad you like the recipe! I so appreciate you taking the time to lend a little sunshine my way! Thank you for reading!

    Amy D– I lurve the hamster tile.

  5. Priscilla says

    I so love the tiles! I may have to get a few for Christmas presents

    Wait! Cauliflower pizza crust? How did I miss that?

    I’m going to search that out now.

  6. Have you guys had pet hamsters? They are pretty annoying and breed much worse then rabbits!!!

    Almost enough to make me eat potatoes! :p

  7. OMG, save the hamsters! LOL! Cool idea! 🙂

  8. danyelle6974 says

    I need some fridge magnets like these LOL

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