So I fell in this hole…

Hunky hubby found me in the field an hour ago near the house. I was able to avoid the first hole, but I heard two snaps and then I landed on my back. I sprained both ankles pretty badly.

Needless to say, Ow, ow ow ow and wow that smarts. I am thankful I lost 86 pounds or there’s no way they could have helped me to the house!

Thank you for a quarter of a million page hits in a little over a year! I am so excited.

Reporting from a flat position and typing with 2 fingers,


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  1. Erin in Flagstaff says

    Oh no! That’s gotta be miserable for you.

  2. cleochatra says

    Am I not soooo lame?

    I guess literally, now…

  3. Carol Bardelli says

    Jamie, Jamie, I feel for you. Get well soonest. Pain sucks.

  4. Awwwww. Sweetie! I’m so sorry!
    (((( hugs )))) You take a nap and I’ll watch the kids for a while, ok?

  5. Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) says

    Heal soon dearest!

  6. Sugar Bush Primitives says

    Omigoah! I am so sorry this happened to you. Are you okay? What snapped? Hopefully not your back.

  7. Jennifer Miller says

    oh geez! hope you heal soon! look at this way…at least you can still type!

  8. You have my prayers for swift recovery, but…er… you failed to mention WHY you were out in the swamphole out beyond the back of beyond.

  9. Pepperette says

    Girl, you gotta be more careful!! How are you going to make new recipes flat on your back! J/K
    Take care of yourself
    Pepperette (Laila)

  10. Both ankles yikes… you didn’t even leave yourself a foot to stand on…. (moan)
    ohhhh Bless your heart. I hope you recover quickly, laying there with all that time to think about what you could be doing, sucks big time!
    Hugs, and happy mendings

  11. So sorry to hear about your injury – get well soon!!!

  12. Some people will do anything to get out of work. 🙂
    PLEASE take care of the two fingers that are still working.:)
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  13. Jamie, I’m so sorry. I pray you get better very quickly! Congrats on the amazing stats for your site and also your amazing weight loss (wow!). You sure have a winning way about you and with your writing style.

  14. Twisted Cinderella says

    Oh no! I am sorry to hear about that! Take care of yourself and your ankles.

  15. Twisted Cinderella says

    Sorry to serial posst, but how sweet of Willie to offer to take care of this kids!

  16. OhYeahBabe says

    Ouchie!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that happened! Speedy recovery to you.

    I've actually badly sprained both ankles before, but I was a college student, not a wife & mom with STUFF TO DO. I feel awful for you!

  17. I won’t ask what you were doing in the field. 😛

    Get well.


  18. ouch hope you got them both elevated and iced today still.

    just think when you got to ankle PT you can do a column on the effects of PT and e-stims for all the chickens to go to PT out there hint hint

  19. So sorry to hear that!
    Ice,Ice, and more Ice!
    Glad you can still type though.

  20. See, if you would have stayed in the kitchen thinking up fabulous new recipes, you’d be ok.

    I really am very sorry that happened to you.

  21. Been there, done that; know how miserable it feels. Will be praying for your smooth and swift recovery.


  22. avenuegirl says

    Feel better soon! I’m glad the search party went out for you. From now on you be sure to have a cell phone on you at all times missy.

    And if you heard some snapping, you may want to investigate a chiropractor. I had a nasty sprain once that just left a shooting pain weeks later. The doctor snapped it back into place, and all has been perfect ever since.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  23. oh the things you do to garner attention my pookie! :p

    here’s hoping you get all the “waiting on” you so richly deserve from the family! *HUGS*

  24. Jamie, here’s wishing a speedy recovery! Just take easy for now.
    Just let us know how you doing!

    Cleochatra Fan in Toronto,Ontario

  25. Poor Cleo!
    Love ya gal….

  26. cleochatra says

    You are all so sweet to me! My email and comments section has been literally overflowing with well-wishes to a klutz now wearing two ankle boots and carrying crutches around.

    I am pleased to report that I had xrays today and am the owner of two healthy sprains. The left foot is swollen and grody, and the right foot has a high-ankle sprain (I’ve never had one before, so now I’ve collected the whole set!)

    I am too fat for crutches, so I am thankful I’m still losing weight.

    Of course, I’ll be hobbling into TOPS on Monday. On crutches. I think that will be hilarious! (But only if it doesn’t cause a weight gain)

    Thank you erin, carol, willie (you are a love), Amy, sugarbush, Jennifer, mg, pepperette, vicki, laura, ew, jen, twisted cinderella, oh yeah babe, lora, 2big, thorngren, barbara, pat, avenuegirl, myboopiecutie, my friend in Toronto.

    Thanks to you guys who emailed, and to T.J. who about made me fall off of the bed laughing. You are hilarious!!

  27. Cleo –
    Talk about steppin in it.. – LOL – Heal fast and let your Doc hook you up for the pain.. 🙂
    TG you didnt sprang your hands! 🙂

  28. Trophy Woman says


    Heal soon and remember there are all kinds of fun activities one can have on one’s back! *wink*


  29. I’m sorry that you twisted your ankles…but soooo happy I found your blog!!
    It’s awesome..thanks : )

  30. Mulat D'ore says

    Hope you get well soon… I’m sorry for your fell.

  31. Oh dear! How awful! And sprains take so long to heal.

    Did they at least give you some nice drugs for your misery?

  32. MargieAnne says

    Now you’ve got no excuse not to spend time with us ‘cos you miss us. This will put a whole new twist on rice and where it fits the Low-Carber.
    Seriously, take care of yourself and we’ll pray for speedy recovery. Crutches might be helpful but they’re such a pain.

    PS rice stands for something like rest, ice, something and something

  33. I’m so sorry, Jamie! Read this article, I betcha it will make you feel better! 😉


    I almost mistyped that as “Killer Crabs”…Ahhhh!

    ~Beth, Akron OH

  34. hey you got a built in excuse ofr any weight gain should that occur. you can claim it is all in your swollen ankles and when they go down so will the scales.

    How is thew PT going? you enjoying the e-stim and the ice?

    What do you mean you are too fat for cruthes? Just think of the great upper body workout you could be getting supporting your body weight on the crutches and moving around.

  35. Desertthron says

    Wow!! Thats horrid. Who put the holes there, I’m going to come and get them.
    Also heard your weather is suckie. I don’t think I would like to be laid up in a tornado. Keep the mattress on top kiddo

  36. Low Carb Adrenaline Junkie says

    Ouch, What a way to go. Get well soon, think now you can spend hours typing in blog. LOL.

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