Want to see my racks?

You sickos! What did you think I meant?

This just goes to show that I shouldn’t send out these blog entries in full form in emails. You guys would think I’d totally gone off my nut.

What a lark that would be!

Friends have asked to see my kitchen and how the mind of a type-A, anxious personality spends her time. Well, you sillies, I organize my spice racks. Largely alphabetically.

As you can see, I have an inordinate amount of flavorings, and those are just two of the lazy susans. I have more! More! Much, much more! Muaaahahaha!

Whoa. I was channeling my Ron Popeil there.

*puts down the spray-on hair*

I was answering comments, but blogger was down for maintenance, and I didn’t realize until I hit “send”. That is not cool. How dare those cretins upgrade software while I am waxing prolific (not that I wax, mind you).

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  1. hmphf. Show off!

  2. cleochatra says


    My real rack gives a new meaning to Lazy Susan

  3. I totally alphabetize my spices too! I thought I was the only one who did that. I’m not usually that anal, but I find it so much easier for cooking to be able to grab them quickly rather than have them in random order.

  4. cleochatra says


    Laura also alphabetizes her spices! See? See?!

    I do that for two reasons: 1. for the same reason you do–to find what I need quickly. 2. when I’m in need of more I can find the spice quickly to place it on the shopping list, especially if I’m not sure I have it in stock or at all.

    I found those lazy susan’s at a thrift store, but I’ve seen them sold in stores. They’re not assembled, so they’ll appear flat.

  5. Anonymous says

    I’m jealous–my cabinets are not as high as yours. My two Lazy Susans are side-by-side. I overcompensate by putting tall spice bottles on the bottom with small spice bottles on top of them.

    Looking at your racks make me feel the need for another trip to Penzey’s Spices. A gal can never have too much galangal!


  6. Erica Gott, aka Erratica says

    I organize my spices by what I use them for. One rack has baking spices, the other has cooking spices. But then they’re mixed up, too, so maybe I should just alphabetize them. Sheesh.

  7. LOL You crack me up!!!! Do you have any idea how much I look forward to reading your blogs and articles? You seriously make my day!!

  8. Personally, at my house, we call that rack a “turntable”


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