Our Official Low-Carb Mascot– meet Maynard

Maynard wants a smooch.

He’s a low-carber, too, you know.

Venus fly traps are plants which thrive on the proteins of living insects like flies and ants. They do not fare well with hamburger, jerky or even low-carb cauliflower pizza. (I know. Crazayzay!)

So, Maynard ekes out his existence on my windowsill hoping for wary bugs looking for a hep, green friend. Sometimes I wish Maynard ate small pets. I have this dog…

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  1. Can we call him Meester Maynard Bill when he’s been naughty? You know, like when moms use their children’s middle names?

    Also, I love it.

  2. I’ve always wanted one of those, but knowing my family, either a kid or a cat would get their paws stuck in there.

  3. omg so cute. i want a plant monster too!

  4. BJ - protein supplements says

    Nice post. I’ve always thought venus fly traps were an interesting plant.

  5. Jun Bug House says

    I love Cashews, I love almonds, I love walnuts, but my favorite nut of all???
    Just love your blog.
    You go girl.

  6. How cool are you. I never could get one of those darn things to grow. Cool mascot too.

  7. Raginbutterfly says

    Very healthy looking plant you got there! Cute little blog about Maynard! 😉

  8. Adorable! I have to admit though I have song “Mean Green Mother From Outer Space” from Little Shop of Horrors running through my head now. LOL!!!

  9. Can we all adopt Maynard as the Official LC Mascot? Pleeeeeeease????
    Love ya


  10. But Maynard eats his (Its?) low carb while they’re still alive! Are you certain you want him (it?) as a mascot? LOL. SMP

  11. Zed?


    Spider just caught a couple of flies.

  12. Carol Bardelli says

    LOL! Want me to send some kittens over?

    On the other hand, my cats are not picky eaters (they eat bugs) and would probably munch on Maynard. They eat my leftover marinara.

    Enjoying my Examiner gig! Thanks!

  13. You are hysterical! I love following your blog and I ESPECIALLY love Maynard! Give him a smooch for me, too! I just LOVE that cuddly lookin’ lil’ guy!

  14. You are stunning! I am just starting my low carb plan ( also blogging it) and you have given me a great boost.

  15. I just found your blog. You are so funny! I just started eating low carb again about three weeks. I’m Type 2 diabetic and trying to get my blood sugar numbers down to a more reasonable place. Been dieting and exercising like a demon, so far I lost 10 lbs. Congratulations to you for your 86 lbs.! Wow! You are an inspiration!

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