Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr! Contest for ye landlubbers!


Ahoy, ye low-carb land lubbers!

Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Check my recipes page for Dill Pickle Planks!

Pirate Speak Translator

Caption Contest

In yer best Pirate Speak, caption the picture above. The best, wittiest, most ridiculously hilarious response will will a copy of Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for Life, a book which will clean yer poop deck and offer some healthy recipes for those who like thar meals in liquid forrrrmmm! (I’ll review this book next week)

Thar contest lasts until next Friday. Leave yar comment alow deck on this yar blogg, and I shall pick the winner next Friday as sure as barnacles make yer ankles look slimmer.

Winners be sure to check back next Friday to see if you won. You will have to supply a home or PO box address in an email to me if your caption be chosen to receive your prize.

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  1. T.J. Freeman Jr. says

    arrr, me thought were tat this hat bringeth the woosh fairy of yore

  2. Sadly, it’s before my first cup of coffee and we’re all lucky I can even speak English.

    I did, however, think the picture would be oh-so-sexy if’n he was holding his hands over his ta-tas.

    rawr. no? LOL

  3. Me be this big and sexy for squeezing da limes and cleaning the deck e’ry once in o’while, landlubbers!

  4. ar ye s’pose to be thy naked thing me darling? Get thee to scrupping them thar flurs ye swachbucket…???

  5. Aarrrgh! Ya would’n be looking at me hairy chest now would ya?

  6. Aarrrgh!! Ya would’n be looking at me hairy chest now would ya? Be off with ya, ya scaliwag!

  7. Ye Favorite Pirating hat 3 gold pieces
    A night of debachery with ye favorite wench 6 gold pieces

    Bein caught on Cleo’s blog with your wooden plank and said hat… Priceless!

    Ok I don’t speak pirate well, but you get the Idea ;oP

  8. AAARRRGH! Of course, I am induction friendly.

  9. I LOVE TLAP day.
    we celebrate it in my house every year without fail 🙂

    even pre-child.

    that’s how we roll…


  10. “Shiver me timbers! Where’s t’ beauty who scarpered with me pants?”

  11. Arrr! Why ye be you lookin’ at me like that? T’ water was cold!

  12. “Chuckle at me again and I’ll send you t’ Davy Jones’ locker, ye dirty bilge rat!”

  13. “arrrg. Me thinks the psyllium husk has made landfall.”

  14. I Ain’t Deep (Me Pome)


    I be posin’ here whilst th’ tide be neap,

    Ripp’d off me shirt t’ givee a peep,

    Ye din’t hafta say I looks like a creep

    D’ ye think I gives a forkin’ bleep?

    So what if I ain’t no John Knee-Deep

    I be much better lookin’ than Yer-Eye-Ah Heep!

  15. Fatty McFat-Fat says

    Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A low-carb life for me.

  16. Chai Latté says

    Who’s got me pantaloons!? I’ve got a shiver in me timbers!

  17. arrrgh, does this hat make me look fat?

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