I totally forgot! Look! Pretty leaves

There are days when I wonder if my head is even attached.

I promised a cook book giveaway!

To enter the drawing for Jennifer Eloff’s amazing Dessert Cookbook, please email CONTEST HAS ENDED and put this in your title: “Jennifer Eloff giveaway” along with your home address.

Next Wednesday morning I will draw a name and ship the book to the winner!

Names are printed out from the main email page, and one will be randomly drawn from a bowl (high tech stuff). I always delete personal information after the contest and never pay attention to addresses. Your private information is always respected.

I am a bum for not writing sooner! I am a bum! A bummy bum. The biggest bummy bum bum.

I am in the throes of the 100 recipes in 100 days and I’m thinking, “I thought this was a good idea when?” It’s been chaos. Still, keep sending what you’d like to see in a recipe, and, over the next three months, I will share new and exciting recipes with you for holidays, Holy Days and hungry days.

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  1. I have not been around in ages and just catching up. How is the wt loss going MS Cleo Do you think you will make your goal this year?
    I will! Nice seeing you! Sue

  2. Thanks again, Jamie! 🙂

  3. oh, wow, can I ever relate to your chaos….

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