Thursday deep thinks

Good morning happy shiny people who have not been eaten by Zombies or have had the life sucked from you by teenagers (slurp slurp).

I am really tired this week, and am totallah rethinking what I’m going to be doing in the coming months. Following is a lot of crap, but it alleviates the monotony of a world about to plunge into recession. I hope no bacon plants will be closing down!

1. I love recipes, but I’m tired. Really tired. And not that hungry

Sometimes girlfriend just wants a slice o cheese occasionally and not a casserole, and coming up with recipes is really a lot of work. crapcrapcrap not redo what others have done and take crapcrapcrap in my creativitah, butbutbut at the same time, crapcrap crapcrapcrapcrap stuffyaddacr apcrapcrap. Schloooooooooooop.

I was thinking crapcrapcrap stuff stuff crap crap stuff slinkies fun for a girl or a boy crap crap crap crap well after all they go down stairs alone or in pairs crappy crap crap.

Let’s just say that these days, if cheese came in a can, I’d be there with a spoon and a muumuu.

Crap crap crap stuff stuff crap, “Ooh! this could be hoots in Hootieville” (sounds like they have good chicken wings and scantily clad barmaidens), but let’s face it. Crap crap crap crappy crapology craparific crapness on crap.

Mr. Potatohead crap crap crap because his ears really have attached lobes which hello who has attached lobes?! Very few!

So believe me whan I say crap crap crap crap I’m a Toys R Us kid. Crappy crap crap. And such.

2. I like having fun while giving helpful information

As someone who writes crap, THIS is my niche. I like to think I make people smile. Or laugh. Or think. Or contemplate their bellybutton contents. Or stab blunt objects into their eyesockets. OK, well not that last bit. Unless you live in Moose Lake and your name is Homer. Because I’m watching you boy!

I’m not really into the static follow-the-routine type of person who writes crap. I am going to bust a move now and announce the following:

I have no clue what I’m doing next. Crap!

I will invariably change my mind later (I’m a girl and like shiny things), but for the time being, crap seen is because I promised recipes for friends (tamales as an example), and not because I imposed a self-deadline to thrill a nation’s tastebuds with its eyes. Because, face it, that sounds a little creepy.

I wonder if people sprain their butts?

So, that said, I am going to enjoy my day, write some crap, and think about what I can do to pay it forward without sucking my soul dry and turning Emo.

Because, as a former goth, I can tell you what: these kids today have NO idea how hard it was to score a bus pass back in the day. We had to walk uphill, both ways, to Denny’s to score cheap clove cigarettes and conversation about Bauhas and existentialism. It was rough. Now these kids have their Gap cards and their Clairol hair color. I’m just sayin’!

Talk to you soon (and hopefully more often and less about how crappy I am–because honeys, there is not enough crappy crapmatic for this girl right now.)

3. What’s your plan for this week, low-carb believers?

Stick to your weight loss eating and healthy lifestyles, and pick one thing you’re going to do better this week.

What will you choose? Keep your menu in fitday? Drink more water? Add 5 minutes of exercise? Call a friend to give support?

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) says

    Jamie my friend, this post is craptastic! ;0)

    Hang in there honey and do what you gotta do. You know we lubs ya anyway. And you know where I iz.. so holla if ya needs me. *smooch*

  2. *strikes the pose*

    “Lucrezia, my reflection
    Dance the ghost with me”

  3. Pepperette says

    Want me to send you a dose or 2 of Prozac? Luvs Ya!xoxoxo

  4. Carol Bardelli says

    Must be a case of Mommy-Writer-Wifey-Lotsa To Do-itis. I have it too. I’m having issues with getting out of bed. I’m sucked dry by my regular stuff and 57 thousand writing, blogging, webmastering, freelancing, don’t forget the litter boxes! projects.

    Hang in there Jamie. We’re really all Super Women! Really.

  5. {{hugs}}

    You do whatever you need to do.
    You have to come first in your life, and however that needs to happen, make it happen.

  6. Former Donut Junkie says

    Now that post right there’s got enough crap to fertilize my garden….and maybe my neighbor’s too! And it’s free to boot!

  7. Here’s a recipe for you–

    I was trying to use up things in the ice box that were about to reach their expiration date and came up with this:

    3 T sugar-free pancake syrup (I like Smucker’s because it’s not runny)
    3 T spicy brown mustard
    1 boneless, skinless chicken breast
    1/2 bunch watercress

    Mix syrup and mustard together and spread on both sides of the chicken. Spread torn watercress on top of chicken and then stir in to sauce. Cook chicken on HIGH in microwave for 3 min. per side.


    I only have to cook for myself, but this can be multiplied at will by combining equal parts of syrup and mustard to cover the number of breasts you are using. I would also keep to 1/2 bunch of watercress per serving.



  8. stormycatalyst says

    Now, this is my first post to your site. I’ve been reading for, months, but I’m not much on putting pin or finger to paper or the alteratives. I much prefer in person or on the telephone. If you did not have a resident Bapticostal Profit, you do now. Also, Atkins ’92 from Jan. 1, 2003, still not at goal, but the Lord is on my side.

    We all have hours, weeks, months that feel as you described. Now, you have had the time it took to build that marvelous post regarding the mood, you have had lotts and lotts of people read it, understand, empathise, wish they had the courage to publish emotions similar. Now, unless there is a verifiable medical or mental reason for the state of crappiness, it is time to do a root cause analysis, identify the reason(s)recognize alternative methods to pull yourself out of the cesspool and get back to helping all of us and yourself through this MAZE called support of low carbers everywhere.

    We will be in your corner, in support, and sometimes take the time to send a comment.

    I/ll be here checking in, whether I post or not.

  9. Hey Jamie, hope you are doing o.k.
    love your lighter side again hope you and your family are well..hugs

  10. Cybil Solyn says

    Just so you know…I’ll keep waiting to read your stuff. Take the time you need. We all need it right now. I know I’m feeling the same way. But do come back soon. 🙂

  11. I just wanted to pop in and say I really love your blog.

  12. An ex goth… I knew there was ANOTHER reason why I liked you so much. Must have been my gothdar in action… And yes they do have it easy. If only they knew what us vet’s went through.

    Keep up the great work. I’ve only been LC’ing for a wee while but you my dear, have made it easy.

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