Archives for November 2008

Back to Work

I had a week. I took naps. I made twice-baked low-carb yams. I completed some assignments. I sorted socks. Now I'm back working again--full-time. I received the message a week after I had allowed my contract to expire and am back working magic … [Read more...]


That my friends is all of the caffeinated products I have consumed so far this morning in the effort to bring you low-carb caffeinated goodness I've had over 60 ounces so far of caffeinated products but it's maybe more like over 80 because I forgot … [Read more...]

Ask me what I'm doing tonight

Oh, you probably think it's something in the kitchen, right? Dangit! You guys are too smart (foiled again).I have some more Thanksgiving recipes ready to go and will be sharing with those with you in the next couple weeks! I am working desserts … [Read more...]

Monday hoorays for nothingness

I am no longer working full-time! *does touch down dance*I am going to spend my entire day doing the following:1. I am going to clean my kitchen and not clean it in the usual flurry of 'grab a minute to do this'2. I am going to wash laundry. And … [Read more...]