Ask me what I'm doing tonight

Oh, you probably think it’s something in the kitchen, right? Dangit! You guys are too smart (foiled again).

I have some more Thanksgiving recipes ready to go and will be sharing with those with you in the next couple weeks! I am working desserts tonight. You heard that right! I am making pumpkin pie. I have the crust in the fridge, the pie filling doing its pie filling thing, and am plugging values into fitday as we speak.

Well, not as we speak. Because if I could calculate and talk at the same time, I wouldn’t fall off of my treadmill when I try to count. I run out of fingers and go for the toes and it’s all over.

I know I said I’m tired of recipes, but I am so fickle. I love recipes. I was just overwhelmed with work and then thinking about recipes.

So stay tuned! Pie recipes coming soonies! Also, gravy, another stuffings, cranberry, other stuff and more thingers!

Oh! and I have something you need that is a staple in your pantry that you need to make goodies this holiday season. That’s right. I just showed you a little recipah ankle.

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  1. Former Donut Junkie says

    You da’ Big Tease! But I love it!

  2. i am so glad you are “back”…it was too quiet!!!!! you ARE a riot, you know that, right?! I cant wait to see the pumpkin recipe.

    someone i love voluntered me to cook baked beans for thanksgiving! i knew they had lost their minds! i was thinking lima beans or that brocolli and rice casserole….[not low carb], but i wasnt gonna eat it!
    where baked beans came from, i dont know….except they havent been allowed to eat them for a while….cuz of all the brown sugar!
    cook on, sister! hey-since it is apple season, i have been enjoying an apple salad made with 1/2 apple,2 celery…all diced fine, and mayo! yum….try it!

  3. stormycatalyst says

    We are all glad you are back among the optimistic low-carb cooks of the internet. I’m not into pumpkin or coffee, but am loving your unabashed joy of the moment. I will share the pumpkin receipts with friends who will enjoy.

    That is I cook it they eat it, most never realize they have eaten the healthiest goodies ever seen. I do give the author the credit due when I use a receipt.

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