That my friends is all of the caffeinated products I have consumed so far this morning in the effort to bring you low-carb caffeinated goodness I’ve had over 60 ounces so far of caffeinated products but it’s maybe more like over 80 because I forgot I drank what I made for hubby too when he was in the shower because I didn’t want it to melt from testing recipes this morning in the kitchen for you guys and I have so much energy I am bouncing out of my chair like I’ve been handed the world’s biggest crack pipe I feel great I can fly I think I’m growing chest hair from all of this mocha goodness Is this what caffeine is like How do people function after going to Starbucks Do they have to use the bathroom a lot and what happens when you’re stuck in traffic and like you get all jittery and then you have to go to the facilities from all the coffee I am so glad caffeine doesn’t affect me and I’m immune to its effects ok well bye!


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  1. Girl, you are craaazy! 😀

  2. Amy Dungan (Sparky's Girl) says

    LOL! Where’s the chat window??? 😉

  3. Former Donut Junkie says

    Is your real name Juan Valdez?

  4. You crack me up girl. I hope you sleep…giggle

  5. yes. i pee all morning and half of the afternoon. but at least i’m awake, so that’s somewthing. LOL

  6. Haha I would have loved to be a fly on your wall!!!

  7. does drinking that much caffeine cause you to have poor sleep? I have read drinking over 3 cups of coffee a day causes your body to produce much less serotonin, and can have negative effects on sleeping patterns

  8. Cracks me up! In no way can I drink Frappacinos–they make my heart race and my hands shake!


  9. I am not sure what the point is of this but you probably had one

  10. ROFL How funny! I tried those links, but they would not work for me.

  11. My links are the SUCK.

    *shakes fists at Examiner.com*

    OK, who was looking for any point in this entry? Seriously, anonymous. I appreciate your confidence in me assuming I had any point save for to say, WOW! That stuff made me hyper!”

    I am not generally a caffeinated person, and am in no way telling people to hork down copious amounts of coffees and teas. It was more of a “posting while buzzed” thing.

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