2008: A Kimkins Year in Review

As we near the end of 2008, this is where the lawsuit with the company known as Kimkins currently stands.

February 2008– Woman’s World apologizes for not checking its sources more closely with regards to the story they ran on the woman portrayed as Kimmer.

Consumer Affairs runs a story on Kimkins.com, painting an unfavorable picture of the business owner’s portrayal of self as ‘at goal’.

March 2008Depositions in the Kimkins lawsuit are made public.

April 2008 Well respected Eating Disorder Writers Marcia Herrin and Nancy Matusmoto write about the Kimkins dangers to young bodies.

May 2008 ABC News weighs in on the questionable plan known as Kimkins

June 2008Allegations from inside of Kimkins.com state that it is possible that pregnant women are not being dissuaded from following Kimkins.

Kimkins.com is still looking for affiliates despite the lawsuit.

July 2008WWDCD?

August 2008 Kimkins 3rd deposition.

September 2008 More recent pictures surface, showing Heidi Diaz as still being morbidly obese.

The Beginnings of a SLAPP suit are filed by Heidi Diaz as an attempt to quiet consumer advocates across the United States.

Kimkins Survivors continues to add testimonies from people who at one time followed Kimkins and who may have suffered losses due to the plan. At now over 100 harrowing stories from previous Kimkins dieters.

October 2008 More recent pictures of Heidi Diaz surface.

Inklings from ex-members that Kimkins.com may still be banning members from the site for such offenses as not allowing onesself to be used as a success story.

November 2008 Wikipedia.org again houses Kimkins entry after a prior attempt to have the entry removed.

Roes begin to be served in SLAPP suit (countersuit).

December 2008– Kimkins wins the Slim Chance Award for Worst Diet Product in 2008.

Motion for class action certification filed.

Also, in a December surprise, Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) is now representing herself in court.

Has the money run out? It’s hard to say. One thing is for certain: Heidi Diaz will now have to appear in court to answer allegations made against her regarding questionable business practices vis a vis Kimkins.

This is so much that has happened this year that I’m sure I left some things out. The wheels of justice turn as slowly as some people drive in the HOV lane, so, no doubt, this saga will continue for some time into the future.

Still, the progress of concerned citizens marches ever onward, undaunted even by threats of a morbidly obese self-proclaimed diet goddess who is likely now representing herself in a court room.

Many thanks to the many people who have worked tirelessly to see consumers heed the warnings of a very low calorie diet, including Tom of lowcarbfriends.com and to Prudentia, who makes the legalese in the case read like English.

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  1. Interestingly enough, in following that link for the “Slim Chance Awards” it shows that in 1999 Dr. Atkins Low-Carbohydrate Diet made the list….

  2. Gee anonymous, who might you be to actually go so far as to dig up Dr. Atkins on the site. At least he was a doctor.

    In current medical research that has been done Dr. Atkins points have been proven.

    On the other hand, no doctor will sign off on Heidi Diaz’s plan online. And why would they?

    Dr. Atkins never set out to scam anybody. He didn’t use fake pictures taken from a Russian brides website. He didn’t lie and say that he lost weight when he had not.

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