Broccoli Kitteh loves the broccoli

This is the cutest thing ever! Thanks to Angel for giving me the bellylaugh of the evening.

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  1. WildAngel6 says

    You are most certainly welcome, Cleo! I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    I think this has to be one of the most adorable kitten videos ever! And a low carb kitten at that!

    Happy Healthy Low Carbing!


  2. Longmont Examiner says

    Love it Jamie!

    As I posted in a comment I sent to all my friends with the link:

    OMG! So this is how I get my kids to eat broccoli!! I first have to train the kitty to eat it.

    What’s good for the kitty is good for the kiddies 🙂


  3. cleochatra says

    I love the kittehs, Angel!

    LOL! Brigette! I was laughing when that cat was getting all crazy for the stalky stuff. My kids only go nuts like that for the Wii remote.

  4. Too cute. Thanks for posting!

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