Tuesday, Day 2 induction, menu and check in

Hey! It is day two and I’m hanging in! I managed not to get too sick this time (it stinks getting sick), and while I didn’t want much, I did eat a healthy bit of food! Just to give you a hint of how water retainy I am, I’m down 6 pounds. From yesterday! That is the magic of the diuretic effect of Atkins.

I don’t count carbs or calories. I am going to tracking food choices through the food pyramid for now.

Why not? We already know that low-carb is a very healthy lifestyle!

Breakfast: Nothing. Induction flu. Felt uber-barfy
Lunch: 1/2 Wendy’s Baconator on Oopsies, 1 Caesar Side Salad
Dinner: Not feeling 100% so had a small garden salad w/ cheese, plum tomatoes, bacon bits,Vinegar and oil
Beverages: I drank water for most of the day, and 1 iced tea sweetened with Stevia

So, according to the food pyramid… (which we alllll know and lub, bwah)

3 meat exchanges, (1 burger, 2 bacon, egg from oopsies)
4 cheese/dairy (cream cheese from oopsie and cheese from baconator and salad)
3.5 veggie servings (1 cup of loosely packed lettuce is only 1 serving, + tomatoes)
2 fat servings (oil from salad, mayo from baconator, dressing from Caesar)

I try to eat when hungry and stop when full–and to be honest, who can eat much when your body is switching gears into induction?

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  1. T.J. Freeman Jr. says

    sweet! Glad to see you are working hard at it 😉 I’m kind of on a break (ala Friends) not really from reduced carb choices, but from trying to lose weight. I really enjoy what I am eating right now but really need to jump back into this head first and lose another 25 or so before the summer. I look forward to seeing some new recipes from ya!


  2. cleochatra says

    Hey! It is good to see you! I was wondering where you had gone!

    I took a break last year, but it was too soon. I should have stuck with it! I am not going to do that again. But you– you’re doing GREAT!

  3. Way to go!

    I lost a whole lot of weight 4 years ago (down to size 10!). I discovered I crept back on some of the weight (although not really moved in dress size) I want to lose a bit more weight (30 lbs or 1 full dress size, whichever comes first).

    Must get back on induction…must control portions..*sigh* At least it’s no longer carb season.

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