End of Induction. Monday Weigh-in

Woot woot! 14 days down and I’ve lost a grand total of 21 pounds. I had a lot of salty food this weekend, so I only lost a pound last week (lol), but hey! I’ll take it!

We had a busy week, so the days were punctuated with pizza toppings. Whole num and low-carb, they are totally saltrifficness.

No menus this week since I have been busy. If I did put a menu together, it would be filled with veggies, cheese cubes and pizza toppings as a theme. I also had cauliflower, stuffed crust pizza and salads.

Sorry for the short one today, but I’m zipping into work early.

Still, 21 pounds in 2 weeks, eating what I want to (within reason) on Atkins 2002. Not bad. If you’ve been considering giving Atkins a go (and have consulted with your doctor), why not! Go for it. By my next birthday I plan to try and hit goal at a time many Americans are starting to let go a little… I want a set of six packs–not two liters!

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  1. OhYeahBabe says

    Good work, Cleo!

  2. iheartchocolate says

    That’s fantastic! I have just gotten back into ketosis. We added work-outs to my low carbing and we’ll see how fast it will come off. I have lost almost 80 since 2/08! I have about 20 more to go I think.

  3. Great going Cleo,
    what in the world did you do to lose so much weight, please consider finding some time to post your menues for each day for people like me who find it hard not to just gorge on meat and cheese.We need to follow in your foot steps and get this fat off.
    thanks so much.


  4. Cleo, you are such an inspiration. I have started and stopped more times than I want to admit….I’m currently gathering the strength to try one more time!

  5. Good Job Cleo! I just started back on induction last Tuesday and have dropped 9 lbs so far! I love coming here and seeing your progress too…it’s encouraging!

    Kelly W

  6. that is great girl is this loss on top of what you lost last year? I think you had said you lost 60lbs or something? if so that is a lot of weight to kick to the curb good for you!

  7. fatty McButter Pants says

    Wow! Way to go. I have been doing Atkins for almost 2 weeks. Haven’t gotten on the scale yet this week, but I lost 6.5 last week. I haven’t even been that hungry….like you said…I am eating as much as I want too. Whoopee

  8. Hi Jamie,
    You are doing great!!!you are an inspiration to all of those who want to lose weight.

  9. Well done!
    Inspirational 🙂

  10. Wowzers! You can lose weight easily! That means you don’t have much of a metabolic resistance problem. That is great news!

  11. Great work!

    I wish you didn’t have put the whole legal “consult your doctor thing” on your blog post. (Although I understand why do…)

    If I grabbed a doctor at random, I’d say there is 50-50 shot he or she would tell me that Atkins is a fad diet and it raise your cholesterol. My own excellent doctor thought Atkins was 100% meat (which it was in ’72).

    And worse of all from medico point view, there’s fat in the Atkins acceptable food list. Eek! Run for your lives!! (And who cares about sugar and salt in most processed foods… *sigh*)

    Anyway, good for you on the weight loss. Induction starts for me (again) today.

  12. So Cleo that makes what 80-90lbs now! Good for you!

  13. Carol Bardelli says

    I’m with you on the six pack abs by the next birthday. I’ll be fifty on Halloween and my goal is to be my fittest. Eight months and counting…tick, tock, tick, tock.

  14. right on! that’s pretty amazing! I’m on day 10 of my second go this time around on induction. 🙂

  15. Way to go Cleo! I’m back to the LC lifestyle this week and came on here to remember how to make Oopsies (they’re such a Godsend!). Congrats on the progress! How’ve you been for the last month?

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