And you thought corn syrup was only for high carb eating?

Imagine my tall frothy glass of STFU when I discovered what a few sugar alcohols are actually derived from.

Did you put down that low-carb convenience/frankenfood and slap your face yet?

It frustrates the hell out of me.

Don’t think for a minute that low-carb convenience foods are necessarily healthy when they can be chemicals manufactured in a plant from stuff you can’t even pronounce, honey!

What are you thinking? Should healthy foods come with a laxative threshold? And why are we laughing and rolling our eyes at this when so many the hells of us are ingesting it willingly?

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  1. Housewife Savant says

    Let’s get rip-roaring drunk on sugar alcohols.
    Start with Maltitol Shooters, I’m buying!

  2. oh, maltitol is the devil. no two ways about it. 38 on the glycemic index??? I don’t think so.

    I’ve been using birch xylitol to no ill effect, and erythritol, to even less ill effect. and stevia, of course. 😉

    the fact that many companies are deriving xylitol from corn makes me very, very nervous.

  3. Xylitol can def be made from birch. That’s the good stuff. More often than not, it’s made from corn. That’s the bad stuff.

    LOL housewife

  4. Oh, MAN! Just when I thought I had found the answer to SUGAR 🙁 Bye bye, Xylitol 🙁

    Why oh why can’t I make myself like Stevia??

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