Snow day!

Mmmm…. balmy….

How much snow could a snow chuck chuck if a snow chuck could chuck snow?

About 6″ so far, and it’s still falling out of the sky like little flakes of cold dandruff from the heavens. so much for Selsun Blue!

I remember as a high schooler living in West Allis, Wisconsin, going out into the snow in a pair of pink moon boots in an era where neon clothing was the fashion and pink moon boots were a part of that fabulousness known as the 80’s.

I remember pressing through the resistance against my feet, as snow tried to push me back home again with those freezing wind chill temperatures and promises of more Duran Duran posters smiling at me if I were in my warm and comfortable bed room. (I loved Duran Duran!)

This morning they’re calling for 2 feet of snow (see picture above Tree covered in 4 inches).

Now, as my son left the house with my minivan this morning, and I white knuckled insurance policy deductibles in my head, the phone rang; it was a friend of son’s who let us know that school in the entire district had been canceled. Of course, oldest son was on his way to school already, with amp and guitar in tow (his band is practicing after school).

It was only when he reached an empty parking lot (save for one car and a gleeful teen yelling, “There’s no school!”) that you would think his “WOOHOO!” moment might have kicked in? Aw hells naw! He parked as far from the school as he could (even though the lot was empty, he didn’t want his friends drawing male reproductives on the window again. Teenaged boys may be funny, but they’re lazy. Penis art is reserved for cars near the school.)

He walked about a quarter mile (well, it feels that way) to the school’s entrance, packed down with music gear, opened the school’s door, and was met by the vice principal. At that point, and knowing that vice principals aren’t the kinds of teenaged welps to draw weewees on his vehicle, he turned on his heel, trudged back, a quarter of a mile to my vehicle, and then made the slow drive home.

He burst through the door, his floppy mop of righteous rock star hair flaked with snow, hulking shoulders slumped under the weight of his music gear and announces, loudly, to a house filled with younger, squirmier, snow-day happy children who DID get the message:

“There’s no school today!”


So we’re expecting plenty more of the white stuff in Denver (no, Lindsay Lolo, not cocaine) and by Saturday we’re expecting temperatures in almost the 60’s… Colorado springs are so passive-aggressive.

So, while the pink moon boots are a thing of the past (I long ago tossed them because they were sooo Wang Chung), guess what I found at Target a few years ago?

My new pair. I won’t spill what they are exactly, but they are pink and they are moon boot-y… The 80’s have returned.

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  1. Jamie, how many other ways can you RAWK?!? I mean, Duran Duran? Hells yes! You can be my friend as long as Simon is not your favorite! Hooray for the 80s! Oh, and let me know if you need another AC town to visit, my gate is always open!

    Adorable entry!

  2. No fair! We wanna see ’em!

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