What is your plan for greatness?

Greatness comes in so many forms.

Whether your greatness is looking great in a bikini this summer, doing 100 pushups, or having others envy the deliciousness in your shopping cart, greatness takes on so many forms.

Why wait for tomorrow to start the greatness?

I’ll tell you why.

So often, we think of the end goals and become frustrated with where we are now. You can’t even do a single push up, so how in the heck is 100 ever going to be doable? You have more cottage cheese than a Dairigold container, so what’s the point? Your spouse moans if the bags of chips aren’t still rolling in the front door, so why even hope for a great shopping trip?

Small changes = great rewards over time.

Why not make one small change this week? Do 1 push up every day. Park farther from the store and move just that little bit more. Add one less junk food to the cart this week. Over time, little changes equal huge victories, and imagine how, if you continue to do a little bit more every single week, how that one push up turns to 2, how your suit size is shrinking, and that your husband is at least eating lower-carb Kashi crackers as opposed to Cheeseitos.

You don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

What is your greatness?

The Beegees? Greatness! source

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