Your doctor: unwittingly killing with kindness?

What do you think of this? (Caution: Grody picture of surgery is the first thing you see. Scroll down)

It seems more and more people I speak to have doctors advising weight loss surgery to their patients, even when weight loss is working well on it own. Are these professionals getting kickbacks? Referrals? Are they merely raining on your parade? Are they well-meaning?

If a doctor recommends altering your body in the wake of successful weight loss, it’s time to consider another doctor (if you can’t just ignore the questionable advice).

I have the best doctor in the world. More than my physician, he’s my professional partner in healthy, long term weight loss. He knows exactly the plan I’m following, is supportive, and has integrity to know that when something’s not broken, you don’t try to fix it.

In no way a slam on those who choose weight loss surgery for themselves based on careful research and fully understanding the risks (beyond what businesses are willing to share), any doctors who prescribe elective medical procedures for no real reason should be confronted in the exam room. The fatality rate and complications over time for WLS are much higher than what is being advertised by those making money from the procedures.

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  1. Thanks for the help spreading the word on the dangers of WLS. Even if you do your research prior to surgery—most info found is very positive. There are those of us who have had terrible health consequences after surgery trying to get our stories out.

    to get some more in depth info ch3eck out the yahoo group OSSG WLS gone wrong

    OSSG-gone_wrong : OSSG-gone wrongalso take a look at my personal blog—in the sidebar are links you need to read prior to surgery

    Back Across The Lineif you would do a blog search online you would find many who are 2 years or less post op—there are only a handful of us who are greater than 2 years out—-that’s when the complication begin

  2. Dana Seilhan says

    Oh man. I love the outrage I see from some bariatric surgery survivors when it is suggested that perhaps they did not, in fact, make the best choice for themselves, even when the only thing that could be construed as such a suggestion is a generic statement that bariatric surgery is dangerous.

    On some level, they know they’ve been screwed.

    It’s even more painful to run across someone who’s had the surgery, gained weight back and then did low-carb (well, more so than the post-op diet already requires) or Body-for-LIFE and finally succeeded where the surgery had failed them. Ouch.

  3. Low Carb Band-It says

    You know I love you girlfriend, but we really need to not group all bariatric procedures together. I have a lapband, has done well (although I have some SERIOUS metabolic issues that have even left Atkins people scratching their heads). The lapband is about a billion times safer. And before anyone says “well there are problems with that”, they are truely far and few between. Plus I won’t have “health problems” years out. My worst case scenario is that they’d take my band out and my stomach would go back EXACTLY as it was before. No malaborption problems, no wasting away. Heck I’ve never even thrown up with it.

    But what I do have is a much decreased hunger and it HELPS me stay on track.

    As big a fan as always…

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