A low-carber asks: What can I eat when I’m sick with the flu?

It’s Thursday morning and you’re praying to the porcelain princess. You’ve been passed out on the cold tile floor since three a.m. mumbling something about Smurfs and squirrels.
What are some stomach soothers acceptable for low-carbers? Put down the saltines and pick up these proven tummy tamers instead.

Peppermint tea. Peppermint is a stomach soothing plant, and is perfect in an herbal tea. Its warmth has a way of chilling even the coldest bones that have been splayed on the floor since late last night.

Chamomile tea. Chamomile is a natural, mild, muscle soothers. Quieting upset stomachs (you know–that muscle that has been wretching since yesterday), the flavor is a mild one–something that might be appreciated when the room is still swaying.

Egg Drop soup. Ancient Chinese secret? Notsomuch, thanks. The herb, ginger, is known for helping tame tumultuous tummies. With egg adding to its staying power and providing needed nutrients during ‘bad stomach times’, this is a hearty, soothing meal in a bowl. (For a quick and easy version of egg drop soup, see this recipe.)

Ice cold water. Providing same results, but with a cold liquid, sipping ice cold water is surprisingly soothing. Ice slows down the rate of liquid entering into the gullet, providing less of an opportunity for difficult digestive issues to occur (throwing up due to sudden influx of liquids into the stomach). Without any additives, there’s just something safe about the clear stuff.

Diet GingerAle. Stay away from corn syrups and the carby stuff. For the ginger, egg drop soup is a better choice for its natural ingredients, but there are times a trip to the local SuperWay soda aisle will be your relief. If you can find a ginger ale sweetened with stevia, do it. Otherwise, other sodas will work in a pinch.

Other relief? Hot water bottles provide pressure and warmth to spasming midriff muscles and can provide relief to ailing bodies. Wrap bottles with a towel to offset the sometimes searing intense, and be sure to test the bottle’s heat prior to placing it on yourself or a loved one. Still, please use caution. While hot water bottles are a tried and true stand-by, they are also the source of unintentional burns. As such, hot water should be tempered with cold to find the perfect balance of weight and warmth.When in doubt, pour it out. For more hot water bottle consumer safety tips, please visit this link
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