A Taste for Reading: The Healthy Carb Diabetes Cookbook: Favorite Foods to Fit Your Meal Plan

The bestselling authors of Healthy Calendar Diabetes Cooking again unite to bring a message to diabetics everywhere: The struggle isn’t in avoiding carbs altogether—it’s about eating the healthy ones.

In their perfect pairing, Chef Jennifer Bucko, MCFE and Registered Dietician Lara Rondinelli, RD, LDN, CDE, deliver recipes bursting (so that your pants won’t have to) with flavor for every meal, including the crowd pleasers (fun pizzas), all while placing emphasis on heart-healthy fats, lean protein and a proper balance of carbohydrates (following the 2005 USDA Guidelines for three servings of whole grains per day).

With nearly 200 recipes jam-packed into 235 pages, there is no skimping on information for helpful tips included with recipes, including the all-important nutritional data (with exchanges), keeping guesswork away while in the kitchen you play.
Here is a sampling of just some of the tantalizing recipes in this book:

Apple Pecan Stuffed Toast
Mango Salsa Shrimp
Open-Faced Barbecued Pork Sandwich
Hot’n’Spicy Crab Dip
Berry Cheesecake Parfait

The beginning of the book sets the tone for Diabetics with an extremely informative and quick guide showcasing whole-grains and what constitutes a ‘good carbohydrate’, along with easy, helpful examples from the various food groups explaining the makeup of a ‘good carbohydrate’.

Shortcuts and quick facts included with corresponding recipes are a boon, and the large-type font makes reading easy. Recipes are organized by type, and the index lists alphabetically, for fast searches of your favorite dish. Even better, the index contains recipes arranged by subject, food group or main ingredient; so when I want to find the Roasted Garlic Orange Roughy (only 5 net carbs), I can search the index one two ways and quickly find what I need to make a beautiful meal.

While the emphasis of this book is to help Diabetics eat healthy, whole-grains and ‘good’ carbohydrates, even non-diabetic, low-carbohydrate aficionados will still find plenty to stir about, from the Spinach Frittata (at only 1 net carb) to the Turkey Sausage and Egg Casserole (7 net carbs), to (my personal favorite) French Onion Soup (8 net carbs).

One of the highest-carbohydrate items in the book I located was the Lemon Curd with Berries, at 39 net carbs per serving. Still, no worries, as many of the recipes can be tweaked slightly if a lower carbohydrate count is desired.
Even with only a few pictures included (though the concise directions won’t find pictures lacking an issue), the recipes in this book give so many delicious options, you’ll find yourself motorboating between the pages.

Number of pages: 235
Size: 8 ½ X 11, standard binding
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
Publication Date: March 2008

To order: or call 1-800-ADA-ORDER

To order this book, and for more information from the American Diabetic Association

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