Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin: food, fitness picks

There may be more to politics than meets the stomach– at least as far as vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin and her family are concerned.

The Alaskan beauty and her family (husband, Todd, and 5 kids) eat a whole foods menu heavily grounded in wild game like moose and caribou, as well as Alaskan seafood and fresh fruit.

The first woman Governor in Alaska, Sarah Palin was an avid athlete in high school, a successful and spunky point guard for her basketball team. Even with a fractured ankle in game play, Palin managed a critical free throw in the last seconds of the game.

Her aggressive style of play isn’t always evident, however.

When she placed second in the Miss Alaska competition, Palin was named Miss congeniality, a trait which, no doubt, has accompanied her through life, from the young daughter of a school secretary and a science teacher/track coach to the first (perhaps) female Vice President in United States history.

In addition to healthful eating, exercise is still an integral part of this mom of five’s lifestyle. Running seven to ten miles per day helps her keep a clear head even in the muddied waters of politican day-to-day stresses, and sets a good example to her kids. When weather in Alaska prevents outdoor fitness, you’ll find Sarah on the treadmill or using dumb bells for strength training.

Elect to be like Sarah:

1. Palin drinks water after workouts as her all-natural sports drink.

2. Sarah incorporates strength training with a cardio routine to build a sustained metabolic advantage that extends beyond the burn of a heart-pounding run.

3. Governor Palin doesn’t use bad weather as an excuse for a bye on exercise. Always having a back-up plan for incelement weather conditions ensures continued fitness, even in harsh winters or wet seasons.

4. Scale down for injuries and pregnancy. While pregnant, Sarah doesn’t halt progress through exercise. She changes it up to include aerobics, which is kinder on the joints while still offering a good aerobic workout.

5. Exercise helps Sarah think. Some of her best political speeches are formed during her slimming physical exertions in running shoes. It has been shown that exercise is a great brain booster in recent reports. The same is no less true for the Americans who will be dimpling chads this November for their political choice.

Not sure who to vote for? Run on it.


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