Book Review: Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age

So pretty you’d wish her a pimple if she wasn’t also so
darned wonderful.

Don’t let author of her book Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age fool you. She only looks like she’s 20 years old.

In fact, Vonda Wright, M.D. is an advocate for fitness, regardless of age, and brings hope for geezers like me who always put off fitness because we looked at it as an all or nothing proposition.

Easing couch potatoes into fitness regimens that can work for readers, Dr Wright, an orthopadic surgeon who sepcializes in sports medicine for people over 40, is able to share this information with readers, helping to take them to “the next level.”

In her book, among other things, you can learn to:

  • understand your body and approach exercise and injury in a new way
  • make the most of your exercise routine during a busy week
  • hydrate and understand how to eat right
  • void injury to rotator cuffs, lower back, knees and legs
  • maximize stretching, running and weight training

She shares, through pictures, proper exercise form, and through words she shares encouragement for a society who feels we lost it after 25. through powerful stories of people well beyond their 60’s, readers will definitely find the motivation to look for those walking shoes, to take those baby steps, and to embrace life after 40. She even shares a 6 week plan for taming your inner couch potato.

Turn your inner dud into an inner stud with this book.

Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age
Number of pages: 304 pages
Book size: 9.4 x 7.5 x 0.9 inches
Available in Softcover
Publisher: AMACOM,

To order: visit

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