Breakfast on the Go

Enchiladas for breakfast? Why not?

Mornings are about as chaotic and potentially painful as two wombats stuck in a pair of nylons. One can’t simply grab for a box of cereal or slap two slices of bread in the toaster either.

Where does that leave the low-carber?

Luckily, the slightest planning on the weekend can mean quick grab-and-go breakfasts.

1. Egg McMuffin. In this economy, and at the drive-thru, a dollar for a breakfast sandwich with sausage, egg and cheese is a great deal. Toss the bread, however. One English muffin can boast over 30 net carbs.

Make it better: Place this sandwich on an oopsie roll and you have over twice the staying power from the added protein in the eggs–and you can eat as you run.

2. Waffles. Used to popping a couple of Mego waffles into the toaster to start your day? Take a couple hours on Sunday to make a big batch of gluten-free,low-carb waffles for the entire week. Low-carb waffles freeze well and can be thawed as needed for a quick breakfast.

Make it better: Use Davincis sugar-free hazelnut syrup as a maple syrup substitute.

3. Last night’s dinner. Why not enjoy that lasagna or pizza again for breakfast? Healthy foods are still healthy, regardless the time of day they are consumed. Reheating dinner for breakfast on those brutally fast mornings will provide the same satiety as any other meal, but without the hassle of heating the pan. Break the rules!

Make it better: If the meal is carb-heavy (vegetable base) add fat to help with satiety. An extra pinch of Parmesan or a small slice of cheddar will go a long way to stave off any potential hunger.

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