Can I snack at night?

Flax cracker with cream cheese and dill is a good choice.

Regardless of weight loss plan, night time is the undoing of many a dieter. Whether from boredom or actual hunger, one quick aquestion will answer whether to assuage hunger–or boredom.

Are you hungry?

If the answer is “yes,” then feeding the body is natural. Feeding habits and boredom leads to weight gain through habitual snacking, but actual hunger, even late into the night, is a sign that the body needs a little bit of fuel.

Stick with protein and fat

A small slice of cheese or a deviled egg are an excellent way to gauge hunger. Aside from the fact that both are literally only 1 carb and less than 200 calories, these little protein powerhouses pack a punch and will keep the growling stomach of a low-carber quieted through the evening.

Why not fruit?

Fruit tends to break down into sugar in the bloodstream fairly quickly, unlike an egg, which tends to show its staying power in the stomach longer, creating satiety, whereas the fruit tends to cause more hunger (especially in anyone with unstable blood sugar).

Vegetables… with fat

If a vegetable is what occasionally floats the boat, make sure to accompany the fare with some fat. Even vegetables contain some starch which, when broken down in the system, can revert to the bloodstream, causing potential hunger. Go for low-starch vegetables, such as celery, and couple this with a Tbsp of softened cream cheese. The crunch with the munch, and the fat where it’s at, this crunchy munch will keep palates pleased.

Come back tomorrow. I’ll be discussing ways to stay out of the cupboards when noshing is for evil and not for good.

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