Carl’s Jr Low-carb breakfast option

Sure, you don’t want to make a habit out of eating in restaurants, especially when most companies think that catering to gluten-free lifestyles means leaving out the ‘glutes’ (ah, those venerable little adipose cheeks), but when you find a business listening to the consumers, it is all right to occasionally partake. Especially when you’re talking about Carl’s Jr’s latest boon:

I give you the Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl.

At 900 calories and 3 net carbs (5 total, 2 fiber), this is enough food for two meals. Of course, I was hongry and ate the entire thing as a late breakfast/early lunch. *dabbing my mouth daintily with the sleeve of my shirt*

This delectable concoction consists of a sausage patty, bacon, swiss cheddar cheese and an omelet loaded with vegetables and cheddar. Oh, and more sodium than you can shake the plastic fork at (2050 mg, but ask them to skip the shaker salt while cooking if you are sodium-sensitive or are hypertensive or wearing cute, strappy shoes. Each 1/4 tsp of salt nets a whopping 575 mg).

The meal was only $2.99–a great deal for something that filling and quick.

Just a note: The menu in my location does not show the item on the reader board, so be sure to ask for the “Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl”.

Want to thank Carl’s Jr for hitting the cutting edge of low-carbohydrate, diabetic, gluten-free lifestyles? Write them and tell them thank you.

And maybe, just maybe, the next time you’re out and need some breakfast before 10:30 am, put a little bowl in your soul.

Picture: Looks good enough to eat.

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