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While constituents pour into Denver in a matter of weeks for the Democratic National Convention’s festivities, long lines of Prius hybrids on I-25 and crocs with peace sign divets won’t be the only thing about which to be asquee.

Where there are huge groups of people there is food. Plenty of it. Like campaign promises and “Vote for” placards gleaming under high-wattage lights, celebrations contain chow. From potlatches to political functions, mankind comes together around dinner tables and buffet spreads. At the same time, the wrong kinds of food can cause that Obama button to pop from a hemp shirt if all common sense flies out the window as Howard Dean takes the stage. The frenzied excitement could cause anyone to dive face-first into a huge triple strawberry tofuti.

If you’re flying into town to see an aspiring Obamathon, food choicesdon’t have to add a dimpled chad to your backside; the fact of the matter is this: you can still have healthful, low-carb meals, appease your body, and prevent your chads from dangling due to the vats of hummus and the big Obama three-layered cakes in the lobby.

1. Speech! An huge event is a time to meet people and make merry. While food is traditionally a soothing salve of comfort in chaotic times, and celebratory feasting usually is part of the electric mood, don’t use a public event such as the convention as an excuse for social nibbling. Even if you don’t remember ‘what is is’, your hips will tomorrow.

2. Oath of Office. Electioneers make promises, and you should too (real ones. The kind you keep). Make a promise to yourself to stick to plan for your health at the convention. Life is going to be filled with excuses to eat off-plan, and being able to master your lips can mean the difference between an expanding constituency called your waistline.

3. Party Platform. Someone will offer you food items which are not on your weight loss plan. Practice your “No, but thank you,” speeches now. You don’t have to tell someone you’re following Atkins or South Beach or Protein Power; instead, politely say, “No thank you. I wish I could have that, but my doctor would kill me.” Other valid reasons include, “I can’t have that. Medical reasons,” “I’m allergic to that, but you are so sweet,” or “Oh! thank you, no. I am diabetic.” Stick to your gameplan and understand that medical reasons trump social conventions of accepting foods you should not have.

4. Vote early, vote often. Take small snacks with you to keep hunger at bay, and eat prior to attending the convention. Keeping blood sugar stable with small infusions of energy-boosting foods help keep your levels up during the excitement that is the convention. Now, while George Carville is cracking witticisms, you can crack open a cheese stick.

Jimmy Dean bacon scream source

5. Elect the right person. Read my lips: Enlisting a buddy for moral support is extremely fun and helps keep you both on plan. A support network for health and weight loss can be a lot of energizing, and keeps you both from feeling dour while others dip into the cheesy pleasy poofs.

6. Stumping. Wear comfortable shoes. Lethargy often begins in the feet, which radiates to the hips and the back. This, in turn, can cause you to feel pooped, which might, then, cause the body to crave something for instant energy. It’s at those tired times it is easy to reach for a Snockers bar. While that nougaty goodness hitting your teeth seems like a good idea when tired, remember that you got to that point due to lack of comfort.

7. Watergate. Drink plenty of fluids. Whether you bring your own water bottle, or buy yours there, remember that staying hydrated is extremely important. Denver is warm enough in summer. Put tens of thousands of your new closest political allies in a stadium in front of that much political hot air, and you’re at risk of heat stroke. Scout out where the water fountains are, and keep your thirst quenched.

8. Gerrymandering. Don’t change your boundaries because it suits your whims. Huge political events can bring about a lot of emotion, but feelings should not drive nutritional choices. Think rationally about food choices being made. If you’re stuck and have to eat something not on plan, how can you do the least amount of damage? Are you hungry or are you nervous eating? Did you eat more than you really wanted?

9. Exit Polls. Once you arrive in the door of your abode and removed your down your “I Wanna Obama” signs and your “Barack Attack” bobble headband, survey the event in terms of your nutritional choices. Look back. How did you do sticking to plan? Could you have done better? Making an objective, internal, honest checklist will keep you culpable and help you to fare even better at the next big event.

10. “It’s time for change.” As Obama states, it is time for change. Don’t fall into old, bad habits during the ecitement of the convention. While travel, traffic and turbulence threaten the best plans, remember this is a new, healthier you. What you choose to do today affects where you will be down the road. It’s not just about the weight loss. Weight loss is merely a positive side effect to good health.
Vote with your head, and use your heart to support others. We’re all in this together.

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