Creative ways to stay low-carb during Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is Saturday, so practice the art of saying “Thank You” now without indulging, since someone will probably hand you cupcakes and chocolate. When they’re not looking, toss it into the ficus plant.

If you have the opportunity, give your treats away to a neighbor.

It never hurts to schmooze a neighbor. They might be even nicer to you. Remember the last time you were locked out of the house, naked, and Sally Lou helped you get through the window? Well there you go. That deserves some well-gifted chocolates.

You could even include a note with it.

“Dear Sally, You’ve helped me with important stuff
(Like the time I was trapped outside there in the buff)
If it wasn’t for you getting me out of the chill
There are bits of me that would be frozen stiff still.”

For Valentine’s Day Treats, please visit this page!

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