Five Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas

This donut is actually low carb. Recipe

Breakfast is typically the first meal of the day, meant to stabilize blood sugar and provide fuel for the body. Popular with J.R.R. Tolkein’s Hobbits (who are said to eat two of these per day), there is a lot to be said for breakfast.

The beauty of a low-carb lifestyle is the ability to break the rules and choose the seemingly ‘dinneresque’ type foods otherwise ignored for breakfast by the vastly unwashed. For the sake of simplicity and tradition, recipes and ideas listed below are less likely to raise an eyebrow from the vastly unwashed.
Following are five best choices for a low-carb breakfast.

1. Bacon and eggs. Oh noes! Shocker with a side of getagrip! But hey. We own this one. The high protein and fat content in this morning manga-ganza is a perfect way to stay satisfied for hours.

2. Waffles. Even low-carbers and folks on gluten-free plans in general crave waffles. They’re easy to make ahead, frozen, and reheated in the toaster. Recipe

3. Hashed browns. A great side with eggs and sausage, hashed browns are quick and easy to make. Jicama is high in fiber and vitamin C, so you’re starting the morning off with something delicious and healthy with a side of these. Recipe

4. Ham and Egg Sandwich. Could also include cheese, or remove the ham and sub with bacon. Either way, an Oopsie roll (gluten-free, low carb bun) houses this McDonaldsesque breakfast favorite without the guilt. At only 3 net carbs, breakfast is now grab and go.

5. Crepes. Want something bready but don’t own a waffle maker? These delicious low-carb wraps will hug everything from fresh fruit to your favorite omelet. The bonus? They’re easy to make. Recipe

  • melon with cottage cheese
  • strawberries in whole yogurt
  • low-carb tortillas with eggs and japanos
  • Tex-Mex omelet
  • Flax cracker with cream cheese
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