Fruit Kebabs

Pictured: Another fun, colorful way to use fruit: The fruit pizza.

These bright, fun, healthy kebabs are all about the presentation. Served with cottage cheese or yogurt, you can assure yourself something as fresh and fun as you are, you adorable healthy eater.
If the idea of a long, spiky implement has you running for the hills, give kids (or yourself) toothpicks and spear fruit instead.

Fruit Kebabs
strawberries, chunks or whole
bananas, chunks
pineapple, chunks
cantaloupe balls or chunks
lemon juice
Dip balled or chunked fruit into lemon juice (pineapple is acidic and will not brown by lunch time). Arrange on skewers or picks.

Nutritional Information for Fruit (Calories, Carbohydrates, Fiber)
strawberry (1 large) 4 1 0
banana (1/2 med) 54 14 0
pineapple (1 slice) 41 10 0
cantaloupe (3 balls) 15 3 0
grapes (3) 4 1 0
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