Good bye and thank you, Paul Newman

“The embarrassing thing is that the salad
dressing is outgrossing my films.” source


In a movie world where money is king, and people seem to rarely walk the talk, some people leave the planet a better place than when they were born into it.
Paul Newman was a media giant. Beautiful, steely blue eyes and a warm heart and acting skills beyond acting skills, he was, even moreso, a humanitarian. It began with salad.Founding Newman’s Own in 1982 with friend A.E. Hotchner, the brand began with a few bottles of salad dressing, and expanded to other quality food choices. Always run as a not-for-profit, after taxes, 100% of profits are donated towards educational and charitable organizations.

As of February 2008, Newman’s Own has donated more than $250 million dollars to places like the Hole in the Wall Camp, a summer and year-round camp for seriously ill kids founded in 1986.
From the website:
… Twenty years ago, Paul Newman founded The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, the first in what has grown to become the world’s largest family of camps serving children with serious illnesses. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is part of his living legacy, and for that we remain forever grateful. His leadership and spirit can never be replaced, but he has left us with a clear course for the future.Paul’s dream lives on in the joy, magic and healing power of Camp. What an extraordinary privilege to have shared his friendship and affection.

Newman’s work never ends, even now, and the legacy he has granted a nation in the midst of political battles in 2008 expands beyond acting roles and humorous labels adorning bottles of Italian dressing. Those blue eyes smile at us from beyond a dream some place, and his love, humor, warmth and vision live ever on.
Thank you, Paul.

To continue to support the philanthropic efforts of a wonderful guy who made quality products which help others, look for the Newman’s Own labels on your dressings and other low-carb items.


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