Happy Halloween, Lindt chocolate style

1. Stay out of the candy

2. Stay out of the candy.

3. Stay out of the candy.

Can’t follow tips 1-3? Try substituting with something you can have. Trick or Treat everyday for adults, Lindt 85% chocolate is not only a low-carb confection, you can do more than simply place the bag on your face and have people look at you and roll their eyes while you inhale deeply.

The ingredients are pronouncable and you are looking at a product with no sugar alcohols.

If you’re going to go dark, go real.

Rich and decadent, and a little bitter for anyone not used to dark chocolate, 1 large square at only 5 net carbs for 4 large squares is enough to tame any choco-beast.

So Treat with the Lindt…it’s the Trick!

For more info: look for Lindt at your favorite large shopping center in the candy aisle or at their website, Lindt.
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