I know what you ate last movie: Gremlins

Just say no to Wendy’s drive-thru noshes after midnight, Gizmo source
You were given a few simple rules.
Never expose them to bright light. Never get them wet. And don’t ever, ever feed them after midnight.
Feeding a “mogwai” that late? Feeding yourself that late? Bad idea, for more than one reason.
If there is actual hunger, then feeding the body isn’t a bad thing. Still, how many are horking down the chow late at night out of habit, or because of a long day?
Like the Gremlins when they turned bad-tuckis, choosing the wrong kinds of food, or eating for the wrong reasons, can awaken our own inner bad-boys in the form of blood-sugar crashes, resulting in greater hunger or further, deepening lethargy.
Try these tips for fighting those Spielberg-esque urges:
1. If you’re tired, sleep, perchance to dream.
2. Boredom strikes in the evening. Find something to keep hands busy and out of the cookie jar.
3. If hunger knocks, try drinking water first. If the growlies don’t subside, try something high in fat (cheese, a hard-boiled egg, or a slice of bacon). Refrain from carbs or starchy vegetables, which are harder to control in portion size and can cause cravings in the absence of fats.
4. Fight mindless munching. Those food ads on tv can cause snack amnesia to even the devoted. Turn off the t.v. and read my column instead.
Remember: Stick to the rules, and avoid a potentially crummy sequel.
Did you know: Howie Mandel provided the voice of Gizmo, the erstwhile sanguine and fuzzy star of the blockbuster.
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