I know what you ate last movie: Iron Man

Mostly you sipped cocktails, Tony Stark.

While liquid refreshments of the adult libational variety work to show your swank hip yuppy lifestyle on film, the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions it is not.

Are you following the Kate Moss Cocaine diet? The Amy Winehouse Crack/Hickey Plan? Quit boozing, you lush!

Alcohol has its place in healthful, low-carb lifestyles, but alcohol is the first thing your body burns for fuel before it even touches those carbs you might be ingesting. In short, it stunts your weight loss.

Alcohol can mess with your blood sugar. Drinking a little Pabst with your pizza sometimes causes people to overeat without even noticing — and, if I may be free to speak, Mr. Stark, you need to keep your abs ripped for that suit.

So, try a cocktail on occasion, but couple this with healthy, higher-fat (heart healthy, of course) food choices and proteins to keep you flying right.

And thanks for helping to fight bad guys in a great big red metal suit. You may not be getting through any metal detectors at your local airport anytime soon, but heck. You could use your nipples to open beer bottles.


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