I know what you ate last movie: The Soup Narnian

Well, almost.

Prince, while you rested as a refugee in Badger’s domicile, you were offered soup for sustenance, but in a huff you spilled it instead (and the little bloke had worked on it all day. Shame on you).

Badgers eat incredibly healthy things, most high in proteins and organic, keeping them the lean, mean animal machines they are (ON Wisconsin!). Sure, some dishes might include voles, stoats, woodpeckers and marmots, but you are also likely to find fish, nuts, berries, tubers and whole grains in that crockery bowl, cradled between those small ebony paws.

Still, instead of courteously helping yourself to his savory stew of thick, protein deliciousness, you chose to pass before almost running from the place. How uncouth!

Low glycemic, low-carb and maybe a little low-brow, you would have been on your way to free the Narnians in two shakes of well… a badger’s whisker (not on the menu).

Next time, show your hosts a little more compassion, will ya?

And for Pete’s Sake, buddy– Stay away from the Turkish Delights.

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