It’s a wrap: Red Robin is friendly to low-carbers

More on top than even Ted Koppel’s hair. source

Thanks to Red Robin’s customer service and efforts to please the segments of society who really want the burger and not the bun, there are more mouth-watering choices for low-carbers and the gluten-free who want to partake without the discomfort of having to ask for special accomodations.
Red Robin’s solution for low-carbers looking for something substantial at lunch:
“Lettuce wrap your burger.”
Any Red Robin burger can be made to order and is served in healthy, crisp light green iceberg lettuce which is surprisingly hefty and refreshing, (not the wilty, wimpy, Milquetoastless, grainy flop one might imagine after spying old lettuce in our own refrigerators).
The paper wrap surrounding any burger helps hold everything together wonderfully, and the lettuce is substantial: you’ll have garnered 2 cups of the stuff in one, delicious burger.
What are you waiting for? Lunch?
Know of any good restaurants who cater to your special dietary needs? Drop me a comment and spread the yum.
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  1. Jimmy John's sub sandwich chain also has a sandwich that uses iceberg lettuce as a wrap. It's posted right on the menu, called an unwich. Delicious!

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