Low carb Easter ideas keep the day hopping

While coloring hard-boiled eggs is a family tradition, the stark truth is that America was more likely founded on brightly-colored jelly beans, bright pink grass and chocolate bunnies that children delight liberating their ears from… with their teeth.
How can you help your family celebrate a moderately healthier Easter this season?
1. Wee Sweet. Don’t make candy the entirety of the basket. If candy is a must-have, pick one of their favorite things and give them a small baggy of the stuff.
2. No Sweet. Fill colored plastic eggs with other things, from money to gift cards to iPod dowloads, there are as many ways to fill a basket as your kids have interests.
3. Give a smaller basket. Those huge Easter baskets require more filler. Downsize the basket to make the bounty look greater.
4. Move it! Instead of a passive Easter egg search, put your kids’ slow twitch muscles (and brains) to work with a scavenger hunt for their baskets (or prizes).
5. Gift. Give a toy or a gift insted of candy. A toy will last longer and be treasured more than a piece of candy dissolving into the blood stream.

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  1. Hey Cleo!

    My son dont like candy at all! WHOO!! So we are giving him clothes, toys and a small bike this year :}


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