Low-carb while being green to save green

In the wake of Earth Day, it’s important to remember we all share the planet together, and the health of the planet is as important as your well being, since it sustains that healthy body. These tips also help to save money!

1. Keep your freezer stocked. An empty freezer works much harder to keep its temperature regulated than one that is filled. If the budget doesn’t allow for a freezer filled with healthy food choices, try adding gallon milk jugs of water to the appliance. It is always smart to keep a large, fresh water supply in case of emergencies.

2. Grow your own vegetables and fruits. You can control the amount of chemicals being put into the soil (and your produce) when you create your own bounty. Victory gardens are coming back, and for a reason. More than simply for economic reasons, people want to know what they see is what they get.

3. Shop smarter. The more quick trips you’re taking to the store for groceries (you keep forgetting the fresh whipping cream), the tougher it is to save gasoline, and the worse it is for the environment. Keeping trips to once a week (or less) will emit some of that carbon footprint.

4. Oven lovin’. As you get to the end of a cooking cycle in your oven (and depending upon the recipe), turn the oven off in the last five minutes of cooking. So long as the door remains closed, food continues to cook.

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