Make a snowflake online (and other fun holiday diversions)

More fun than dandruff flakes.

Mindless merry-making munching will get many a person into trouble.

Here are some ways of keeping occupied and in the spirit of the holiday season(s)this December:

1. Make a Flake. This website will keep you animated about the winter holidays. While it might be too warm for the white, fluffy stuff this winter, users can still fashion their own snowflakes without the fuss–and paper cuts. Visit this site for more holiday fun. Make-a-Flake

2. Yeti Penguin toss. Penguins are low-carb, and watching a cartoon yeti launch these little tuxedo-d birds into the air for points is a fun, simple time-waster while you’re on hold (or talking to your grandma on the phone). It’s also dangerously addicting. Yeti Penguin Toss

3. Decorate a gingerbread cookie. Heresy, you say! Still, there’s nothing as fun as decorating those little ginger faces. Below is the one I decorated. I was going for fun, but my cookie looks like he is covered in green chest hair. Decorate a cookie

4. Decorate an online tree. Honestly, you know your cat’s going to rip down the ornaments (and the dog will eat them), but here’s a safe tree that is untouched by man, child and beast. Add twinkly lights, tinsel and more. Go ahead. You deserve it. Decorate a tree

How did you score on the Yeti penguin game? Share your high scores in comments. (I scored 322.9 feet)
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