My husband lets me sniff his junk

He does.

In bed.

Last night, he brought an ice cream sandwich with him when he hopped into bed. I said, “Wow! Ice cream sammich!” He said, “Would you like to sniff it?”

So I sniffed his junk. I shrugged. He asked, “Was it good for you?”

Now, I’m not sure how your body responds when you smell something tasty. It might cause cephalic response, and your body might start producing insulin, and you might start to salivate, expecting the food to hit the tongue. If that is the case, don’t sniff your spouse’s junk!

Their junk will not set you free.

If, on the other hand, trips to the bakery and vanilla scented candles are soothing and aroma therapy-like, please–by all means– ask the person next to you if you can sniff their junk. If they don’t slap you for asking, you might have an epiphany.

1. Some foods smell like nothing. At all. AT ALL. the foods we crave most might not have had a smell. From crackers to cereals, you’d be surprised how much like cardboard some of this stuff smells. How can this be palatable?

2. Some foods smell awful. Graham crackers stink. So does tomato soup. How do we eat this stuff? To be fair, brussels sprouts, eggs and cauliflower don’t do it for me nostrilwise, but that doesn’t make it evil. It just means you just add a lot of butter and plug your nose if you choose to have it.

3. Some thing smell pretty wonderful. Doritos, popcorn and baked goods come to mind, here. Then again, a steak smells terrific, as do bacon, and beef jerky drying in the dehydrator.

What is most startling to me is how few foods smell truly GOOD when they are highly processed and/or full of chemicals. Have you smelled macaroni and cheese lately? Spaghetti? Potatoes? These foods smell awful, and yet, as a society, we have moved away from aromatic foods that are also healthy. And when they smell good, it’s probably something added to the food to make it that way. What’s in your red lake #4?

So long as you are not cephalic, try this experiment: start sniffing what you’re not eating. Luke someone who has stopped smoking and has had the sense of smell truly return, you’re going to have some shocking revelations.

Your nose will more often than not remind you that you’re not missing a thing.

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  1. This is a good post! I haven’t tried the sniffing thing, but whenever I have a craving for something bad– I imagine how it tastes.
    For example, white bread or white pasta. On it’s own it’s quite bland. Just imagining eating those things plain makes me remember that cheating isn’t worth it– because it’s not all that great!!

  2. cleochatra says

    I so agree with you! I think we way too over-romanticize how things will taste. Just sniffing things made me say, “and this tasted good?!”

  3. Chai Latté says

    I think the WORST smells are doritos and cheerios.

    Ugh, disgusting!

    Best smell? fresh tomato!

  4. Anonymous says

    “My husband lets me sniff his junk”
    Boy, talk about bait and switch…LOL

    Yeah, the smell of burnt popcorn in a microwave at work…get the Emetrol!!!!

  5. The most amazing smell on earth outside bacon cooking is coffee! I loved the smell before I could ever stand the taste. While I prefer a cup of tea over a cup of joe, smell wise coffee rocks.
    I love sauerkraut but oooo the smell, I have a sister that won’t even walk in the door if I’ve cooked it, but then she like chinese take out which smells horrid! Have you ever smelled a banana? ewwwwww smells just like a wet grass pile on a hot Texas afternoon ewwwwwwwwwwww
    Aroma is a very powerful thing, vanilla or peppermint make me feel happy and brings of memories of my late grandfather… he smoked a pipe and always had peppermints in his pocket for his breath… Ok now you got my memories and my brain going, I’m trying to remember what different foods smell like… take care, God bless and have a fantastic day.

  6. Low Carb Guru says

    I have to make quick trips to and from the kitchen Monday through Friday when my wife is cooking something. I do love the smell of real cheeses, so sometimes that is all I eat for the week. Then on my cheat days (weekend) I hit up Taco Bell and McDonalds Big Macs! I lost 100 lbs in 8 months 2 years ago and kept it off.

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