My Virtual Model user tool shows weight loss progression

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Back in 1993, while Teletubbies were still the face of PBS, Louise Guay, Ph.D., and Jean-François St-Arnaud had a vision.

If gauging weight loss with flowcharts and graphs and numbers scribbled on pads of paper is art, Guay’s and St. Arnaud’s software will have users lined around the block for a glimpse of the Mona Lisa.

My Virtual Model, according to the site, is “has been setting the standard for virtual identity since 2000, thanks to its innovative products like virtual changing rooms, models to personalize and share online, simulators for home decorating, as well as virtual weight loss applications.”

Operation is simple. Just register at the site, plug in your data and your model appears in the corresponding shape and size. But wait– there’s more! Personalize your model with hair, eye shape, lip fullness and added shape and age filters.

But wait–there’s more! Upload a picture of your face for better visualization, and the model now becomes you. While the face shaping tool is a bit cumbersome, the effect of seeing your grinning mug in a pair of hot pants at goal weight is worth the effort.

But wait– there’s still more (no, this isn’t a Ginsu ad). Add clothing, shoes, pants, dresses and accessories, and your model is now an inspiring weight loss model working her business, ‘trying on’ the clothes (you can choose a catalog of hundreds of choices). With over 4,400 types of shoes that models can try on alone, that sounds like a great day of shopping.
While My Virtual Model won’t have your vinyl car top looking like new, forget the car; this virtual tool will have you looking bodaciously rad from the comfort of your own laptop.
Offering a visual glimpse for the journeyers headed into a new, fit land of weight loss, slimmer thighs, and–more importantly– very cute apparel, only one question remains: where are the male models?

For more info: Visit the My Virtual Model wesbite to see what’s new for fall 2008!
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