New weight loss surgery option requires no cutting. Meet TOGA

Can a new weight loss surgery be a palpable tool in health? source

Dr. Sayeed Ikramuddin is more than a surgeon: he’s part of the University of Michigan team who are ready to begin performing weight loss surgery without a scalpel.

The catch? You may feel ‘a little down in the mouth’ afterwards.

According to the Star Tribune, surgeons at The University of Minnesota, “are getting ready to perform weight-loss surgery with another experimental device that slides down the mouth to the stomach.”

This device will create a partition in the stomach to decrease ability for that muscle to accomodate too much food.

With its short recovery times, painlessness and scarless medical procedures make for less complications, TOGA just may be the viable alternative to other weight loss surgery options currently offered.

Should you book your appointment yet?

No, says researchers. While overseas testing has shown 40-50% excess weight loss in a period of a 6 month to a 1 year timeframe, further testing and documentation will be required before this new technology is available to the general public. source

To see this groundbreaking weight loss alternative to other Weight Loss surgery options, click here. This video shows “an experimental device called “TOGA (transoral gastroplasty) which passes through the mouth into the stomach to perform weight loss surgery.”

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