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In a world not always suited for low-carbers, sometimes turning to the computer is a viable solution in this harried, fast-paced society.Following are low-carb stores on-line which specialize in foods and dietary aids, supplements, books and merchandise.
Shop around for best prices, and make sure to calculate shipping costs as an inclusion. If items are cheap and shipping is steep, you might want to keep on trucking.

This is my favorite on-line store without exception. With an incredible selection of foods and goods for discerning tastes, low-carb their prices are often better than my local grocery store on not a few of the titems, making them an excellent value as well (and saving me gas money). Even better? Shipping and handling via UPS ground is extremely reasonable as well. Items include bodybuilding supplements and food, beverages, and a huge assortment of low-carb foods I never knew existed.
Wishlist: More stevia items! While Tom is quick to catch his selection up with buying trends, he’s holding out on my favorite sweetener.

Millions and billions of items can be found here, and many of them are low-carb in nature. From nonstick pans for baking those Oopsie rolls to Carbqquick, you’ll find a vast array of things to tantalize tastebuds at Amazon.com.
Wishlist: Better pricing. While the selection here is pretty sweet, prices might cause sourpucker.
Do you know of an online low-carb store not mentioned here that is doing fairly steady business and offers quality items with great customer service? Drop me a line at yourlighterside@gmail.com

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