Boneless Chicken Wings

These savory skinless, boneless chicken wings, are not only simple; they’re savory and incredibly easy to make– which is good important during these coming months of football, holidays, fun and frolick.

A good friend of mine, named Kimberly (and fellow “Buffy the Vampire Fan”) gave me her recipe. Very similar to the coating for the mozzarella sticks, she shares her technique for making terrific chicken wings.

Boneless wings can be easily mixed in a salad with ranch dressing. For a different pizza, try chicken wings on a low carb flatbread with ranch dressing as the sauce and some mozzerella cheese.

No matter how you shake it, this is one recipe you won’t be without.

Boneless Chicken Wings

peanut oil
chicken breast, cut into smaller pieces
pork rind recipe
1 egg, slightly beaten
sauces (listed below)
ranch dressing (optional)

1. Heat a skillet with canola oil. While the skillet is preheating:
2. Mix an egg in a bowl. Set aside.
3. On a cutting board, slice breasts in half, the long way, and then cut across to make 8-10 bite-sized pieces (your number of pieces will vary according to the size of the breast).
4. Dip the bits of breast in the egg bath and then into the bag of rind/spice mix. Coat by shaking the bag.
5. Once the pan and oil are heated, add the coated pieces to the oil. Cook on both sides, until the chicken is lightly-to-medium brown (5-9 minutes, depending on the oil temperature and size of the chicken pieces).
6. Remove chicken pieces to a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
7. Place drained chicken tenders on a plate and coat with sauces of your choice.

For plain Buffy: While we know there’s nothing ever plain about Buffy, these served up without any sauce come in very well within induction levels, at approximately 0 carbs. I mean, chicken, pork rinds, oil and a little seasoning? Take that, induction!

For zesty Buffy: Try Bulls-Eye original Barbecue Sauce. This is NOT low-low-carb, coming in at 13 carbs per 2 Tbsp.

For spicy Buffy: Try Texas Pete Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Barbecue Sauce. It’ll rip your lips right off of your face, but it’s darned good stuff. And at only 3 carbs per 2 Tbsp, it’s less ‘expensive’ carb-wise than Bulls-Eye.

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  1. I tried this last night and was really surprised how well it came out having had a negative pork rind experience in the past. I will be making this again and again and again.

  2. Can we make these in a Teriyaki flavor? That’s my favorite flavor so I was just wondering. I’m new to your site and I have to say I love it and all the recipes. I was feeling limited with my new low carb eating. Not anymore!!!

    • Your Lighter Side says

      You can make it however you like! I love when people do their own variations and then share them with us!

  3. I tried this and it was a hit my kids and husband have even requested this again!


  1. […] raspberry SF syrup for some extra sweetness and flavor until you find it to your liking. Serve with chicken wings and riced cauliflower. Serves 6. Nutritional Information: Calories: 9.5, Carbohydrates: 2g, […]

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