Taco Dip

Try this dip for a Zesty Zip

Looking for something quick and delicious (and non-explosive) to share with friends and family? Taco Dip is a fun festival of flavor for your palate for the Fourth of July, the Super Bowl or any occasion!

Making a great pairing with flax crackers, or even on a bed of lettuce as its own taco salad, the presentation is especially nice if you use a clear bread pan or pie plate, and is a unique way of presenting what amounts to the best flavors, all in one delicious place. This taco dip is as colorful as it is delightful…. but please. Don’t stick it in your pants.

Taco Dip
6 ounces cream cheese
8 ounces sour cream
taco seasoning mix (1 Tbsp)
picante sauce
shredded lettuce, chopped green onion tops, chopped cilantro
shredded medium cheddar cheese
sliced black olives

I use a glass bread dish (for baking), measuring about 9″ by 3″ wide.

1. Bottom layer: Soften cream cheese and mix with sour cream in a bowl. Mix in taco seasoning for a little bit of zip. Spread this in the bottom of the dish.

**note: If you use re-fried beans as the bottom layer, add the taco seasoning to this. This is NOTNOTNOT low carb. If you make this for friends, you’ll be scooping from the upper layers. Don’t even touch the beans. Got it?! I’m watching you.

** note number two: If you decide to add browned, ground beef with taco seasoning, I’d add this as the second layer (over the cream cheese mixture), since the hamburger tends to scatter like kids hopped up on easter candy when it’s on the bottom of the pan. You might also elect to mix the hamburger with the cream cheese/sour cream mixture for some extra texture and hold.

2. Next layer: Guacamole (enough to make a thin layer)

3. Following layer: Picante sauce (enough to make a thin layer)

4.  Layer after that: I used shredded lettuce (I always have bagged salad around and use the lettuce from these), mixed with chopped green onion tops and chopped fresh cilantro for smell, flavor and texture. It looks really nice, too!

5. Almost done: I use medium cheddar cheese, shredded. (At this point puff flour on your face and look exhausted for sympathy points from the spouse or in-laws).

6. Top layer: Add a few sliced black olives and any other toppings for color and/or flavor.

Assemble the dip about an hour beforehand, and don’t shred and add the lettuce until you are about ready to serve (sometimes it goes more wilty than those plants I forgot to water).

Induction friendly as long as you are fully aware that you have an ounce of sour cream allowed per day, four ounces of cheese per day, and a scant amount of guacamole is allowed as well. Don’t go overboard! It is pretty filling, especially when paired with a flax cracker, so savor the flavor and so me a favor– let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more 4th of July foods in the coming days!
Because nutritional information varies so much due to the huge variations of ingredients possible in this dip, calculate ingredient carb and calorie amounts using free online programs like fitday.com.
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