Red Robin Meets Oopsie. Love. Hugging. Definite Eating.

Whoa! Bad Flash! And the cheese isn’t that orange.
No. Really. (I didn’t eat the fries either. Stand Strong, my friends).

Have you ever wondered aloud, “Golly (for we all say golly) I sure think those Oopsies look Paris Hilton HAWT, but will they hold my food?”

And you’re not talking about a watercress sammich, either, because you’re all about the big, meaty food that you can hold in your mitts. Food so substantial that Red Robin has to wrap it in paper or you would be caught arm wrestling that much deliciousness under table 47 and the waitresses would ask you to take it outside. Or for your number.

Behold! Oopsie meets the Red Robin Guacamole Bacon Burger. Did it hold up? Oh yes. More certainly than we know the Bad News Kennelz sent Michael Vick’s career to the dogs.

Those rolls might look a bit dainty, but they could thumb wrestle Arnold Schwarznegger blindfolded and win Maria Shriver’s heart (and Lawd knows that girl needs a sammich).

Do you have a story to share about this venerable set of buns supplementing your restaurant chow? A picture of supple buns cradling your meat (No Kim Kardashian porn.)? Send it my way, boys and girls.

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