Resolution 2009: Ditch the Resolutions

Resolutions are for chumps and suckers.

Yeah, they work for some people, but the vast majority use Resolutions as an excuse to continue bad behaviors from the year before (and to pick them up again in about 2 weeks from now).

Instead of deluding ourselves with butterfly farts and puppy dogs, in this five-part series, I’ll be discussing 5 ways to make real change without posturing (and the resultant do-overs).

1. Resolve not to make resolutions. Temporary at best, and making us failures at worst, those Hallmark-happy moments to drop 10 pants sizes or to never touch another croissant (again!) are about as out of reach as Mars (the planet, not the candy bar).
Resolutions begin as guilt and defeat, and they end up there, too. We all know that Resolutions, the multi-billion dollar baby boon to diet companies and smoker’s chewing gum everywhere is laudable, but, how many truly stick to resolutions?
When 15,000 of Franklin Covey‘s customers were interviewed in 2008, this is what they found:

The top resolutions for 2008 are the old standbys — get out of debt and save more, lose weight and exercise. Getting organized and spending more time with family also top the list.
Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed attribute breaking their resolutions to having too many other things to do, while 33 percent say they simply aren’t committed to the resolutions they set.

So rule #1, from your friendly, neighborhood thighdergirl:
No Resolutions for 2009.
Next Up: Get Smart
This is part of the 5-part anti-Resolution resolve: No Resolutions, Get Smart, Less is More, Baby Steps, Tom Petty Wisdom

For more info: How will you cope? Stay tuned to find out!
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