Resolution 2009: Tom Petty wisdom

If there were unicorns, this would be even better.

Are you Runnin Down a Dream in 2009? Or Did you have A Change of Heart?
The truth is most people are Free Fallin’ in the new year. While you’re Learning to Fly, here is perhaps the most important message.
Life changes don’t just happen. They take time.
The final woohoo in your pocket of win?
I Need You To Know you’re not a mental octopus, and you don’t have 8 karmic arms to perform a multitude of tasks. You’re a great person with the same baggage the rest of us have.
Changes should not be Too Good to be True. You brush your pearly smilers every day and you don’t expect a medal. The same goes for positive, healthy changes made over time. Healthy gums and fresh breath are rewards in and of themselves.Treat adding water, vitamins, movement and other small, 2-week changes the same way.
Don’t Do Me Like That. Save the drama fo yo mama. Everyone has an inner swooning couch and some epsom salts tucked into their cleavage. We get it. Make 2009 a year to just do it. If you make a mistake, own it. No do-overs. No trauma in the drama. You don’t have enough insurance to call that whaambulance every 30, my friend.

The waiting is the Hardest Part. Remember, we don’t wake up one morning and find out we’re 50 pounds heavier. The events that led to the gain were life changes, too. Small ones, but life choices nonetheless. In the same regard, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow 50 pounds lighter, with the tattoos removed and without the cigarettes. It takes small, meaningful, bite-sized changes –over time– to make a lifetime of success.

Remember: Tom is watching you. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to live like a refugee.
Happy New Year!
This is part of the 5-part anti-Resolution resolve: No Resolutions, Get Smart, Less is More, Baby Steps, Tom Petty Wisdom

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