Resolution 2009: What about Bob?

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Doing what’s right for you isn’t supposed to be all-inclusive in the first week of a New Year. Convention might have us believe we’re supposed to do twelve things at once and be fit by February, right? Wrong. As I mentioned in the last part of the series, doing everything at once is a cause for burn-out, and it’s just not practical.
Take things slowly. “Baby Steps,” are the wise words of the film “What About Bob.” (Oh I so went there)
You didn’t pick up your bad habits in a weekend. It takes time to reverse the trend. So instead of the frenzy for fabulousness in early 1990, take matters into your own hot little hands by trying this:
Make a list of palpable goals you want to achieve. Let’s say you choose five smaller goals: drinking 6-8ounce glasses of liquid a day, getting more exercise, tossing out the junk, taking vitamins (at least the multi) and calling your mother once a week (hey. It could happen). Make your goals as specific as possible. Go ahead. List 25. I’m not telling your Rabbi.
Prioritize. Now, from most important to least important, rate these tasks. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to: 1. toss out the junk, 2. get more exercise, 3. drink 6-8 ounce glasses of liquids, 4. call my mom once a week (sorry, ma!) and 5. take at least the multi vitamin I have been neglecting–in that order. If you listed 25 changes to make, that could require more paper.
Method of Success. Introduce one new change every 2 weeks (14 days). If the task takes one day, take one day. Wait two weeks and get going on the next task. Getting rid of junk in the house may take a day. It may take 14–that depends on how many times you made with the doe eyes at the Twinkie that’s been in the cupboard since 1867. Commence with the “Get more exercise” (or your #2 in the plan) next for the next 14 days. Keep adding one small thing every two weeks. 25 tasks and you’re a year later and that much happier.
Next: More on making changes slowly, the benefits, and how this is counterintuitive to everything we’ve ever been taught about having it all right now. (Longest. working. title. ever outside of Dr. Strangelove)
This is part of the 5-part anti-Resolution resolve: No Resolutions, Get Smart, Less is More, Baby Steps, Tom Petty Wisdom

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