Restaurant to use breast milk in recipes

Will Ben and Jerry’s become Jen and Terry’s? source

Breast milk has long been the breakfast of childhood champions, a natural nourishing noshing of Vitamin E, iron and essential fatty acids.
Now a Swiss restaurantis changing its menu and will be incorporating at least 75% of the white stuff into many of its dishes.Currently advertising for donors, and paying about $5.50 per 14 ounces of the fluid (about $50 a gallon), restauranteur Hans Locher’s unusual concept is raising interest, if not a few eyebrows.

While the use of human milk is currently not regulated in Switzerland, the question remains whether or not there will be a market for those whose cups runneth over, or whether the interesting concept will nurse disaster.
PETA is one organization that supports the move to breast milk over the standard cow’s milk. Pressuring Ben and Jerry’s in an attempt to make a case for lactation dessert items fit for more than Madonna’s cones, is it possible we’ll soon see a switch from bovine to b-cup in a larger market?
While that’s not terribly likely, in the mean time, one can still sup on a lower-carb breast milk cheese or enjoy one’s Chantarelle sauce with breastmilk and cognac.
Comparison of breast milk, cow’s milk and goat’s milk. Washington State University
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