Review: Fat Head: The Movie

On the heels of Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me comes the antithesis to the high-carb, low-fat mantra.

Comedian and former health writer Tom Naughton sets out on a mission: eat McDonalds for 28 days and see what really happens. The results are pretty incredible and documented in the new documentary: Fat Head.

By keeping carbohydrates to roughly 100 per day and dining solely at McDonald’s, Tom Naughton not only lost weight, he improved his health profile. While anecdotal, as was Spurlock’s experience, Naughton is able to make some important, scientific points regarding the role of insulin in health.
With heavy hitters like the Eades’, Jacob Sullum, Dr. Mary Enig, Dr. Al Sears, and Sally Fallon, this film might be surprising. Those expecting a pretty cheesy, cartoonish, ridiculous compendium of “McNugget humor” will be treated to a hard-hitting, intelligent (yet humorous) documentary powerful enough that you’ll not only watch it more than once, you might do as I did: I purchased four copies to loan to friends (and two to give away to friends and family).

While Spurlock refused to release his personal food diaries for the period of time he castigates McDonalds in his documentary, Naughton is as forthcoming as he is funny. His diaries are published online here.

Naughton is quick to admit his is more of a modified “Zone” Diet than true low-carb, but the facts of the matter remain (for Naughton): Cut carbs, lose weight, get a good medical workup.

Fat Head
Tom Naughton, Director
Time: 104 minutes, with interview extras
Studio: Morningstar Entertainment
Cost: $14.99
Buy this DVD at

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